Thursday, September 23, 2010

I was really busy during the summer and didn't have any time to write at all.  I got back to Fez August 22nd, after a short vacation and it was so hot you could bake bread on a table top.  It was also Ramadan.  I have to salute all those people who adhered to their fasting this year.  It was a miserable time to be going without water, for sure.  Hamdoulillah, it's finished and life is back to normal and it's good.

Today I had the good fortune to run into the Moussem of Moulay Idriss in Fez medina.  I was walking home and heard the music so did a U turn back up to the Boujloud area and the parades were already making their way down to Talaa Sghrira toward the Zaouia.  For anyone who may not know, Moulay Idriss was the founder of  Fez; the son of Moulay Idriss who buried in the mountain village by the same name.

Like any parade, there was a lot of noise and confusion and crowds of spectators.  People watched from the rooftops and packed the streets, frustrating the police, but everyone was very considerate, too.  Children were hoisted up on shoulders and the crowds made room for wheelchairs.  It was a pleasant side trip on the way home!