Thursday, February 4, 2010

Okay, here it is, the tell-all you have been asking about, waiting for and wondering about.  The unvarnished truth about sex and love in Morocco.  Let's start with sexual harassment and work up (or down) from there in future installments.

Believe it or not, there is no "sex culture" in Morocco according to what people say.  Even so, it is on the minds of most men 24/7 and they don't try to hide it by seeming more interested in something else.  Every woman is a target for their unsatisfied desires.  And yes, those desires are so obviously unsatisfied it is pathetic.  According to information I have accumulated there are several reasons for sexual harassment on the streets and in the workplace, but the main reason is that women want it.  Yes, they do; and they dress to get it and they wouldn't be out there on the street or on the job if they weren't looking for it.  This is according to men.  These men also insist that if they didn't comment, groan, snort, lick or whatever these women would be very crestfallen by the lack of notice.  Their efforts at being beautiful would fall on a sterile ground.

Besides that, those ornery women who don't respond in a pleasant and welcoming manner are just being ugly, frigid and difficult.  They need to be taught a lesson and street harassment is just the way to do it because they will become more patient and develop a good sense of humor.  No man is willing to tolerate a scowling and unhappy woman in his presence. 

Now we all know that all women want male attention all the time and saying no is just part of the game to get it.  No man wants a woman who says yes the first time.  Of course, if she does say yes the second, the third or the twentieth time, the minute she does she becomes a prostitute.  But that's another subject.  So, to wrap up this lesson on appropriate street behavior for women, remember to smile, laugh and enjoy this unwanted and often aggressive male attention.  Take it in stride because you are a woman, a walking temptation that Moroccan men cannot seem able to control their impulses toward and it's all your fault anyway.  You are just getting what you deserve!

Next time, let's discuss love and marriage and how  Moroccan men experience a coup de foudre, if there is a passport in the picture. 

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